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Surface Mount Techniques:
We\'re builders...not assemblers.




[Our Facility]

Our state-of-the-art facility.


[Custom Work]
We welcome the opportunity to develop any of your custom fixture or tooling requirements.


All of our machines are designed by our in-house engineering staff.


Company Profile

Surface Mount Techniques has been supplying quality printing equipment to the surface mount printed circuit manufacturing industry since 1984.

Surface Mount Techniques and the SMT electronics industry grew up together. Surface Mount Techniques was the first printer manufacturer to build systems exclusively for the very special needs of surface mount assemblers and, therefore, many new and innovative designs were developed. Four point off-contact, pneumatic control, and drive systems were but three of these innovations. Surface Mount Techniques offered SMT PCB assemblers an alternative to the typically high cost systems originally developed for the semiconductor and hybrid industries.

The new printers introduced by Surface Mount Techniques were--and still are--highly effective, large print capacity, exceptionally repeatable, low-cost equipment, considered by many to be the most user friendly printing machines available.

Today, Surface Mount Techniques continues to innovate to bring its customers the best precision and versatility as well as the best value. Surface Mount Techniques has shipped over 4,000 printing machines from semi-automatic to full automatic in-line. These machines have produced millions of high quality PCBs with the lowest down time of any printer on the market.

Surface Mount Techniques is a privately-owned company with its main production facility located in Huntington Beach, California, and a regional office in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.


Contact us today and let us send you descriptive literature about our SMT printers, tooling and vision options, and accessories. One of our area representatives will be happy to help you identify the right system for your application\'s requirements. Please contact us directly by phone or e-mail requests to recieve additional information .



[Corporate Office]
5904-A #716 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach CA 92649

Phone: 714-903-8100





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